Aptamers as Enhancers of Oncolytic Virus Therapy

Title: Aptamers as Enhancers of Oncolytic Virus Therapy
Authors: Muharemagic, Darija
Date: 2015
Abstract: Oncolytic viruses promise to significantly improve current cancer treatments through their tumour-selective replication and multimodal attack against cancer cells. However, one of the biggest setbacks for oncolytic virus therapies is the intravenous delivery of the virus, as it can be cleared by neutralizing antibodies (nAbs) from the bloodstream before it reaches the tumour cells. In our group, we have succeeded in developing aptamers to vesicular stomatitis virus (VSV), as well as to rabbit anti-VSV polyclonal neutralizing antibodies (nAbs). We tested these aptamers’ biological activity with a cell-based plaque forming assay and found that the aptamers prevented in vitro neutralization of VSV by nAbs and increased the virus infection rate of transformed cells up to 77%. In line with this approach, we enhanced the delivery of oncolytic viruses by selecting aptamers to the CT26 colon carcinoma cell line. The binding of aptamer pools has been tested on flow cytometry and the best pools were subjected to high throughput sequencing. Selected aptamers were linked to anti-VSV aptamers and applied for target delivery of the virus to cancer cells. Development of this aptamer-based technology aims to improve viral anti-cancer therapies, with a potential to be applied as treatment for patients affected with cancer. Finally, in collaboration with a group from Erlangen University, we performed an aptamer selection using capillary electrophoresis and cell-SELEX. The target, the extracellular domain of human CD83, is a maturation marker for dendritic cells and is involved in the regulation of the immune system. Selected aptamer sequences bound selectively to mature dendritic cells, in comparison to immature dendritic cells, and thus hold promise to be applied for further studies leading to a better understanding of CD83’s mechanism of action.
URL: http://hdl.handle.net/10393/32170
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