Solid Waste Management and Regulation

Title: Solid Waste Management and Regulation
Authors: Shiaeb, Adil
Date: 2014-04-30
Abstract: Solid waste generation reduction is increasingly taking importance because of the high cost of disposal and the high health and environment harms. Canada is unfortunately among the highest OECD countries generators of solid waste. To find a way for Canada to reduce Solid Waste generation, the paper compares policies between Japan, Canada, and other OECD countries. The research found that the creation of financial incentives to households and businesses is one of the ways to reduce their solid waste generation. In order to achieve this goal, Canada should implement rigorous policies on different industries, as well as a full stewardship policy, by which the whole cost of solid waste collection and disposal is charged to polluters. Solid waste management policies that are applied under a national framework will be more effective than policies under a provincial framework.
CollectionÉconomie - Mémoires // Economics - Research Papers