Alberta’s Future Leaders Program: Long-Term Impacts

Title: Alberta’s Future Leaders Program: Long-Term Impacts
Authors: Gartner-Manzon, Sophie
Date: 2015
Abstract: Sport for development programs are becoming increasingly popular to address a variety of social issues such as poverty, lack of education, gender equality, and conflict within marginalized communities. Within Canada, many sport for development programs are created for Aboriginal peoples, as they are considered marginalized communities. However, there is a dearth of research on what the actual impacts of sport for development programs are on the recipients of the program, as well as on those who provide the program. My thesis, which is written in the publishable paper format, is comprised of two papers. Using a case study approach in paper one, I explore the impacts that Alberta’s Future Leaders Program’s (AFL) youth leadership retreat has had on its participants (Aboriginal youth). Similarly, using a case study approach in paper two, I explore if/how working for AFL had lasting impacts on the former employees, known as youth workers and arts mentors. Together, the two papers in this thesis show the need for a deeper look into the actual impacts sport for development programs yield, provide insights into some of the lasting impacts AFL has had on its participants, and address the importance of long-term evaluation for sport for development programs.
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