Health equity: evidence synthesis and knowledge translation methods

Title: Health equity: evidence synthesis and knowledge translation methods
Authors: Welch, Vivian A
Petticrew, Mark
O'Neill, Jennifer
Waters, Elizabeth
Armstrong, Rebecca
Bhutta, Zulfiqar A
Francis, Damian
Koehlmoos, Tracey Perez
Kristjansson, Elizabeth
Pantoja, Tomas
Tugwell, Peter
Date: 2013
Abstract: At the Rio Summit in 2011 on Social Determinants of Health, the global community recognized a pressing need to take action on reducing health inequities. This requires an improved evidence base on the effects of national and international policies on health inequities. Although systematic reviews are recognized as an important source for evidence-informed policy, they have been criticized for failing to assess effects on health equity.
DOI: 10.1186/2046-4053-2-43
CollectionPublications en libre accès financées par uOttawa // uOttawa financed open access publications
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