Attitudes toward online sexual activities

Title: Attitudes toward online sexual activities
Authors: Byers, E. Sandra
Shaughnessy, Krystelle
Date: 2014
Abstract: The goal of this study was to extend our understanding of attitudes toward three types of online sexual activity (OSA) among both students and members of the community: non-arousal OSA (N-OSA), solitary-arousal OSA (S-OSA), and partnered-arousal OSA (P-OSA). In Study 1, 81 male and 140 female undergraduate students completed a paper and pencil survey. In Study 2, an age and sexually diverse group of 137 men and 188 women recruited from the Internet completed an online survey. The results from the two studies were more similar than different. Attitudes toward the three types of activities were neutral to slightly positive on average. The three types of attitudes were significantly related but also distinct. The men’s attitudes toward S-OSA and P-OSA were more positive than were the women’s; the men and women did not differ in their attitudes toward N-OSA. Sexual minority individuals had more positive OSA attitudes overall. Individuals who were less traditional tended to have more positive attitudes. These results are discussed in terms of the growing acceptance of online sexuality.
DOI: 10.5817/CP2014-1-10
CollectionPsychologie - Publications // Psychology - Publications