Canadian Sponsorship of Refugees Program Reform: A Limit on Canadians’ Generosity

Title: Canadian Sponsorship of Refugees Program Reform: A Limit on Canadians’ Generosity
Authors: Voegeli, Sarah Emily
Date: 2014-09-17
Abstract: This paper will analyze how the recent changes, since 2010, to the private sponsorship of refugees (PSR) program in Canada impact its ability to meet the goals set for the program in 1978. The first section includes a description of the foundational aspects of the private refugee sponsorship landscape in Canada; namely the original purpose of the PSR program as it was defined in 1978, the requirements involved to become a private sponsor, as well as the underlying principles of additionality and diversity inherent to the system. The second section details a full historical account of the evolution of the PSR system, including the identification of the number of refugees who have come to Canada through PSR from 1979 until 2012. The third section identifies the structural changes to PSR which came about through the most recent Government reforms beginning in 2010, the Government rationale for the most drastic reforms, as well as the potential implications these changes will have on the future of private sponsorship in Canada. The fourth and final section proposes a set of recommendations to re-align the PSR system with the goals, objectives, and principles set out in 1978. These recommendations, including the establishment of a National Refugee Sponsorship Organization and Refugee Family Reunification Program, serve to address some of the major challenges evident in the PSR system today and suggest practical steps forward to better serve the needs of all stakeholders involved in the Canadian private sponsorship system.
CollectionAffaires publiques et internationales - Mémoires // Public and International Affairs - Research Papers