The Ideal Security Sector Reform Approach: How does South Sudan Compare?

Title: The Ideal Security Sector Reform Approach: How does South Sudan Compare?
Authors: Yakovenko, Margaryta
Date: 2014-01-08
Abstract: Security Sector Reform (SSR) is a young, growing field. Many different SSR approaches exist due to the large number of actors active in this field. However, these approaches have not been synthesized in any extensive manner. The first aim of this paper is to synthesize the available information about SSR approaches provided by the academics, practitioners, governments, organizations and past SSR experiences. Based on this information, a new ideal approach is proposed. Next, the paper sets the context for the South Sudan’s case study by providing an overview of the security situation and describing the post-independence SSR initiatives that have been undertaken. The focus is on the major SSR initiatives in the police, defence, justice, and penal sectors undertaken by the main actors - the UN, the US, and the UK. Lastly, the proposed ideal approach is compared to the SSR approach in South Sudan. The deviations from the proposed approach, as well as other successes and failures, are discussed and analyzed. The major findings of the paper are: - The literature review demonstrates that there is a certain SSR approach that is respected across the board, although it is never explicitly identified in one place. - South Sudan’s SSR approach is overly focused on the reform of police and defence sectors, whereas the reform of justice and penal sectors is neglected. - The biggest SSR issue in South Sudan is the reduction of oversized security force. However, although this issue is recognized by the Government, it has also been undermined by the Government’s actions. - The reform is undertaken in several main sectors. However, there are not many inter-linkages between the projects in different sectors. - Continuous monitoring and evaluation mechanisms for SSR in South Sudan are not present.
CollectionAffaires publiques et internationales - Mémoires // Public and International Affairs - Research Papers