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La RISS est une revue académique bilingue gérée par des étudiants de l'Université d'Ottawa. Basés sur les déterminants de la santé, ses critères de soumission encouragent l'échange entre chercheurs de tout horizon disciplinaire.

The IJHS is a student-led bilingual academic journal at the University of Ottawa. Based on the determinants of health, its submission criteria promote exchanges between researchers across disciplinary background.


Items (69)

2014-08The Epidemiology of Ophthalmological Disease among School Age Children in Rural IndiaVelkers, Clive; Turpin, MacKenzie; Deonandan, Raywat
2014-08Parental and Peer Influences on Adolescent Smoking: A Literature ReviewMulvihill, Cailin
2014-08Éducation et santé : construire des indicateurs en comparaison internationaleDe Broucker, Patrice
2014-08Objectivity, Subjectivity and Statistical EvidenceEvans, Michael
2014-08Reducing the Global Burden of DepressionChahil, Prabjyot Kaur
2014-08Human Health Effects of Dietary AluminumLandry, Karine
2014-08Statistics in the Service of HealthDaskalakis, Constantine
2014-08Education and Health: Building Indicators in International ComparisonDe Broucker, Patrice
2015-09The Promise of a Qualitative Case Study Approach for Research on Caregiver Involvement in Inpatient Traumatic Brain Injury RehabilitationEady, Kaylee; Moreau, Katherine
2015-09Ebola en Afrique de L’Ouest : L’Impact des Déterminants SociauxCaron, Audrey
2015-09The Unpredictable Prognosis of Medicare - A Book Review on Chronic Condition: Why Canada’s Health-Care System Needs to be Dragged Into the 21st Century by Jeffrey SimpsonBrennan, Kelly
2015-09Electronic Health Records: Patient Care QualityXu, Rebecca
2015-09The Value of Summer Studentships to Help Shape Undergraduate Career TrajectoriesPage, Rachael; Ferraro, Zachary; Fung Kee Fung, Karen
2015-09Amoureux et la Dramatisation Face à la Douleur chez des Individus Vivant Avec de la Douleur ChroniqueMartel, Marie-Eve; Lafontaine, Marie-France; Levesque, Christine
2013-01Transnational Trafficking of Hazardous Waste from Developed to Developing Nations: Policies and RecommendationsMacLeod, Melissa A.
2013-01Role of Estrogen Receptors in Male Reproductive PhysiologyLee, Richard R.; Phillips, Karen P.
2013-01The Ethics of Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis: An Opinion Piece Examining the Moral Distinction Between Positive and Negative Selection of Traits Using PGDBleeker, Helena
2013-01Under-reporting of Adverse Drug Reactions: The Need for an Automated Reporting SystemPearson, Benjamin R.
2013-01Commentary: Obamacare and American National IdentityDeonandan, Raywat
2013-01Access to Maternal Health Care for Native Canadians on Reserves in Northern CanadaBeking, David M.