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La RISS est une revue académique bilingue gérée par des étudiants de l'Université d'Ottawa. Basés sur les déterminants de la santé, ses critères de soumission encouragent l'échange entre chercheurs de tout horizon disciplinaire.

The IJHS is a student-led bilingual academic journal at the University of Ottawa. Based on the determinants of health, its submission criteria promote exchanges between researchers across disciplinary background.


Items (62)

2018-03-19Conflict and Disease: A Complex RelationshipFrank, Robert A.
2018-03-19An Interdisciplinary Population Health Approach to the Radon Health Risk Management in CanadaKhan, Selim M.; Gomes, James
2018-03-19Reducing Interprofessional Conflicts in Order to Facilitate Better Rural Care: A Report From a 2018 Rural Surgical Network Invitational MeetingPelletier, Hayley
2018-03-19An Overview of Scientific-Based Knowledge on Sedentary Behaviour Among the Pediatric Population — A Conceptual Model DevelopmentAubert, Salomé
2018-03-19The Global Burden of Surgical Disease: An Analysis of Inaccessible Surgical Care in Low and Middle Income CountriesHuynh, Chau; Huynh, Minh N. Q.
2016-11-01An Overview of the Malaria Epidemic in Sub-Saharan AfricaKonji, Sandra
2016-11-01Storytelling and Asperger Syndrome: A Key for Social IntegrationSahin, Alain N.
2016-11-01Planning and Delivery of Health Services - An Article Review on Urban Aboriginal Mobility in Canada: Examining the Association With Healthcare UtilizationDhawan, Ankit
2016-11-01The Development of Scoring Criteria for a New Picture Naming TaskMahava, Ferzin; Sheppard, Christine; Monetta, Laura; Taler, Vanessa
2016-11-01Transmission of Human Papillomavirus Without Sexual ContactTavassol, Panteha; Ahmed, Naweed; Kayani, Wakqas; Jamshidi, Sahab; Bapat, Suneil; Imamovic, Ahmed
2016-11-01Critique of a Community-Based Population Health Intervention in a First Nations Community: Public Health and Medical Anthropology PerspectivesKhan, Selim M.
2016-11-01Changement Climatique et Iniquités en Santé : L’apport de L’approche Interventionnelle en Santé des Populations dans un Contexte QuébécoisBuetti, David; Annous, Rana
2014-08Health Sciences (HSS) Buddy Program: Evaluation of its First YearAbdul-Fattah, Mostafa; Hafizi, Rita; Abdul-Fattah, Hiba; Gulati, Sonia; Deonandan, Raywat
2014-08The Epidemiology of Ophthalmological Disease among School Age Children in Rural IndiaVelkers, Clive; Turpin, MacKenzie; Deonandan, Raywat
2014-08Parental and Peer Influences on Adolescent Smoking: A Literature ReviewMulvihill, Cailin
2014-08Éducation et santé : construire des indicateurs en comparaison internationaleDe Broucker, Patrice
2014-08Objectivity, Subjectivity and Statistical EvidenceEvans, Michael
2014-08Reducing the Global Burden of DepressionChahil, Prabjyot Kaur
2014-08Human Health Effects of Dietary AluminumLandry, Karine
2014-08Statistics in the Service of HealthDaskalakis, Constantine