The Relationship Between Depression and Obesity in Adolescence

dc.contributor.authorMulvihill, Cailin E.
dc.contributor.authorScott, Matthew A.
dc.description.abstractBackground: Both obesity and depression are prominent in adolescence, however the relationship between them remains unclear. Purpose/objectives: To examine the literature surrounding the relationship between obesity and depression in adolescence with the hope of understanding how the risk of developing one condition changes when an adolescent possesses the other. Methods: The databases MEDLINE, PsycARTICLES, and Scholars Portal were used to identify epidemiological literature using the keywords adolescence, depression, and obesity. Inclusion criteria stated that data must have been collected in Canada or the United States and be published in the English language. An additional requirement was that studies involved greater than 100 participants in the adolescence age group as defined by the World Health Organization (10-19 years of age). Results: Thirteen articles were included because they satisfied all inclusion criteria. The literature discussing the risk of developing obesity or depression given the presence of the other is inconclusive. The relationship is complex and may involve other factors such as body image. Conclusion: More research is required to determine if risk of obesity or depression in adolescence is increased when the individual possesses the other. Further research should continue to consider the role of other covariates, such as body image, and their influence on adolescent depression and obesity. This research could have important implications for public health programming concerning mental health, nutrition, and physical activity.
dc.titleThe Relationship Between Depression and Obesity in Adolescence
dc.contributor.supervisorDeonandan, Raywat
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