Life Goes On Through Organ Donation

dc.contributor.authorWilliams, Breanne
dc.description.abstractA case study on an organ donation campaign in the state of Illinois was conducted by utilizing the theory of reasoned action organ donation model, which was modified specifically to the field of organ donation by Susan Morgan and colleagues, to properly analyze the different portions of the campaign. In Canada approximately 4000 people die every year waiting for organs. Although the majority of the public are pro organ donation, there is a gap between their feelings and acting on those feelings by becoming a registered organ donor. A case study has provided insights into how an organ donation campaign achieved over 5 million registered organ donors in 6 years. Organ donation campaigns have to battle several medical myths and misconceptions surrounding their field to gain a higher population percentage registered as donors. These myths are battled with consistent efforts to properly educate the public regarding organ donation.
dc.titleLife Goes On Through Organ Donation
dc.contributor.supervisorNahon-Serfaty, Isaac
CollectionCommunication - Mémoires // Communication - Research Papers