Beyond Words

Title: Beyond Words
Authors: Simms, Kayla
Date: 2014-05-07
Abstract: Every now and then, I am humbly reminded that to be an effective medical communicator, one must exceed the bounds of words. Words are, in essence, binding. By that statement, I do not mean to imply that words are a re¬placement for a signed agreement, or that words are to be taken at face value as verbally spoken contracts continuously falling from our tongues onto others’ ears. By the binding of words, I am referring to the bounds they place on our emotions. Words ask us to put what we’re feeling into a communicable context that is somehow supposed to accommo¬date for our indescribable sentiments. Words provide us with a prison in which to place our deepest thoughts and most moving stories, and force us to express them to others in ways that are meant to effectively convey what we authentically feel. In both a literal and figurative context, many things in medicine are beyond words.
CollectionJournal Médical de l'Université d'Ottawa (JMUO) // University of Ottawa Journal of Medicine (UOJM)