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2013Follow the nose: using whole-skull IHC to map olfactory involvement in Parkinson diseaseMeng, Fanyi; Schlossmacher, Michael G.
2014-06-02L'insécurité alimentaire chez les immigrants au CanadaQuevillon, Geneviève; Giroux, Isabelle
2014-05-13The contribution of membrane noise to contrast invariance in orientation selectivityGurcan, Ozan; Fortier, Pierre A.
2014-05-13L'expérience des parents francophones en salle de réveil diffère-t-elle de celle des parents anglophones?Carrière, Véronique; Chartrand, Julie
2014-05-02Cloning a gene involved in antigen presentation to be expressed by an oncolytic virusAli, Thara; Bell, John
2014-05-01Bio-catalyzed carbetogenesis: a substudy into the effects of trace metals on urease activityRobichaud, Mélanie; Fortin, Danielle
2014-05-01Participant perceptions of learning an online collaborative tool for asset mappingPhilippe, Marissa; O'Sullivan, Tracey
2014-05-01Magnetic properties of Erbium metal coordination complexesOria, Meina; Murugesu, Muralee
2014-05-01Analysis of group program outcomes of youth with severe complex obesityLynn, Emma; Hadjiyannakis, Stasia
2014-05-01More than one first language? Ontario school boards' understanding of bilingual first language acquisitionKrulicki, Stephanie M.; Slavkov, Nikolay
2014-05-01How Secure is RSA: Mathematical ApproachKhalil, Rana; Nevins, Monica
2014-05-01Condition-dependent sex in Aspergillus nidulansBadham, Katelyn; Kassen, Rees
2014-04-30Regulation of DGKι subcellular localization and its effect on actin cytoskeleton reorganizationTran, My-An; Gee, Stephen
2014-04-30The Impact of Alternative Business Structures on Access to Justice in the UKPiché, Nathan; Wiseman, David
2014-04-30The effects of the MeCP2 gene on neurons of the enteric nervous system and the central nervous systemMukherjee, Anika; Staines, William
2014-04-30Qui devrait avoir le dernier mot sur la liberté de religion?Morel, Marie-Eve; Foucher, Pierre
2014-04-30Procedural pain management practices in Ontario neonatal unitsMohand-Saïd, Sarah; Harrison, Denise
2014-04-30Where have all the businesswomen gone? Northwestern Europe vs. the Iberian Peninsula, XV-XIX centuriesMartinez, Tamara; Craig, Béatrice
2014-04-30Comment réaliser des analyses de Rasch avec des échantillons de grande taille (N ≥ 1000)?Hamdan, Marwa; Dionne, Eric
2014-04-30Un dictionnaire mẽbengokre: Un outil pour l'analyse linguistique d'une langue peu connueDupéré, Maxine; Salanova, Andrés Pablo