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UOJM is an international peer-reviewed journal led and published by the students of the Faculty of Medicine. We welcome submissions in a variety of areas in biomedical research and feature original research, review articles, news and commentaries, case reports and opinion pieces. Our articles are written in both English and French, and represent the only bilingual medical journal in Canada.


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7-May-2014UOJM: PrefaceSuen, Colin; Cheung, Loretta
7-May-2014Double blinding in peer review: is it worth the hype?Suen, Colin
7-May-2014UOJM editor training: results from the 2013 editor satisfaction survey and highlights from 2013-2014 training workshopsSuen, Colin; Cheung, Loretta
7-May-2014The advancement of medical education through innovative research and simulation learning: a discussion with Dr. Viren Naik, Medical Director of the University of Ottawa Skills and Simulation CentreCheung, Loretta; Noel, Ariana
7-May-2014Personalized medicine hits primary practice as genetic testing is being done for the first time in family practice to better select psychiatric medications for patients: an interview with Dr. Nicholas VoudourisCarruthers, Martha
7-May-2014Reforming case-based learning with non-linear gameplay: the potential of branched narratives and virtual patient modelsWhelan, Alexander
7-May-2014The Clinician Investigator Program at the University of OttawaAngel, Jonathan
7-May-2014Neglecting the null: the pitfalls of underreporting negative results in preclinical researchFoster, William; Putos, Samantha
7-May-2014Between a rock and a hard place: the incommensurate ethics of emotionally-related living organ donationCox, Gemma
7-May-2014The challenges facing Ontario’s health care system moving forward: a health policy perspectiveMicieli, Andrew
7-May-2014Dying young: Excess morbidity and mortality in individuals with severe mental illness and what we should be doing about itKurowecki, Darya; Godbout, Justin
7-May-2014Healthcare is political: case example of physician advocacy in response to the cuts to refugees’ and claimants’ healthcare coverage under the Interim Federal Health ProgramWarmington, Rebecca; Lin, Dolly
7-May-2014Designing a multi-disciplinary undergraduate medical school ultrasonography curriculumStansfield, Elliot; Woo, Michael; Tam, Ron; Pugh, Debra; McInnes, Matthew; Hamstra, Stanley
7-May-2014Beyond WordsSimms, Kayla
May-2013University of Ottawa Journal of Medicine Volume 3, Issue 1, FULLUOJM
2013Associations between neighbourhood walkability, active school transport and physical activity levels in primary and secondary school students: A pilot-studyLarouche, Richard; Faulkner, Guy; Tremblay, Mark