Programs for leaf shape analysis

Title: Programs for leaf shape analysis
Authors: Rolland-Lagan, Anne-Gaëlle
Remmler, Lauren
Girard-Bock, Camille
Date: 2014-01-10
Abstract: This package contains programs for the analysis of leaf surface shape and local shape deformations in 3D. It is related to the publication entitled `Quantifying shape changes and tissue deformation in leaf development` by Rolland-Lagan, A-G, Remmler, L and Girard-Bock, C, to be published in Plant Physiology. This package is intended as a reference so that users may adapt the programs for use with other datasets. A reference dataset is provided so that programs can be run without modifications to reproduce most figures from the related publication.
CollectionBiologie // Biology
Leaf_shape_analysis_programs_package.zipPrograms package including reference dataset and programs list.70.3 MBZIPOpen