Root and nodule quantification software (RNQS)

Title: Root and nodule quantification software (RNQS)
Authors: Remmler, Lauren
Clairmont, Lindsey
Rolland-Lagan, Anne-Gaëlle
Guinel, Frédérique
Date: 2014
Abstract: This is a software associated with publication ``Standardized mapping of nodulation patterns in legume roots`by Remmler Lauren, Clairmont Lindsey, Rolland-Lagan Anne-Gaëlle and Guinel Frédérique, to appear in New Phytologist in 2014. Package contains source code as well as user guides, video demonstrations and descriptions of the variables appearing in the excel files generated by the software.
CollectionBiologie // Biology
RNQS_software.zipRoot Nodule Quantification Software (RNSQ)15.45 MBZIPOpen