Fine-tuning the Size and Minimizing the Noise of Solid-state Nanopores

Title: Fine-tuning the Size and Minimizing the Noise of Solid-state Nanopores
Authors: Beamish, Eric
Godin, Michel
Tabard-Cossa, Vincent
Kwok, Harold
Date: 2013-12-05
Abstract: Solid-state nanopores have emerged as a versatile tool for the characterization of single biomolecules such as nucleic acids and proteins. However, the creation of a nanopore in a thin insulating membrane remains challenging. Fabrication methods involving specialized focused electron beam systems can produce well-defined nanopores, but yield of reliable and low-noise nanopores in commercially available membranes remains low and size control is nontrivial. Here, the application of high electric fields to fine-tune the size of the nanopore while ensuring optimal low-noise performance is demonstrated. These short pulses of high electric field are used to produce a pristine electrical signal and allow for enlarging of nanopores with subnanometer precision upon prolonged exposure. This method is performed in situ in an aqueous environment using standard laboratory equipment, improving the yield and reproducibility of solid-state nanopore fabrication.
DOI: doi:10.3791/51081
CollectionPhysique // Physics
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