Anxieties Associated with Disabilities in Music Education and Performance: Recognition to Potential Solutions for Accommodation

dc.contributor.authorWatson, Gwen
dc.description.abstractResearch on disabilities and accommodations has grown significantly in recent years, in part due to the intervention of governmental agencies who have implemented new definitions and laws to protect individuals with disabilities. This research paper discusses anxieties present in three disabilities—learning disabilities, autism spectrum disorder, and visually impairment or blindness—by examining the effects of anxiety in performance and classroom situations. This paper is divided into five main sections. I begin by outlining some key terms used in the literature on disabilities (Section 1). Section 2 focuses on learning disabilities by examining the issues surrounding diagnosis and anxiety, while Section 3 discusses Autism Spectrum Disorder, the relationship between Asperger Syndrome and music, savant performers, anxieties, and accommodations for performers with Asperger Syndrome. Section 4 examines a physical disability, visual impairment and blindness, in relation to blind hearing, anxieties, and Braille scores. The last main section (Section 5), which focuses on technologies and music therapies, evaluates the benefits and drawbacks of technology, as well as music therapy. I conclude by reflecting on the current limitations and propose future steps needed to better address the needs of individuals with disabilities.
dc.subjecttest anxiety
dc.subjectlearning disabilities
dc.subjectmusic theory
dc.subjectmusic performance
dc.subjectmusic therapy
dc.subjectvisual impairment
dc.subjectAsperger Syndrome
dc.subjectAutism Spectrum Disorder
dc.subjectinvisible disability
dc.subjectlegal blindness
dc.subjectMusic Performance Anxiety
dc.subjectPervasive Developmental Disorder –Not Otherwise Specified
dc.subjectlearning disability anxiety
dc.titleAnxieties Associated with Disabilities in Music Education and Performance: Recognition to Potential Solutions for Accommodation
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