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2022The Importance of Creative Methodologies: Exploring the Pedagogical Possibilities of Creative Methodologies within Settler-Colonial Education Systems.Ervin, Vanessa; Magnet, Shoshana
2017-04-01‘Turning On The Lights’ & Disrupting Inspirational Weight Loss Narratives: Analyzing Systemic Fatphobia & Neoliberal Constructs of HealthMeaney, Meaghen-Danielle; Orsini, Michael
2014-01-10The Gay Blood Ban And The Marginalization Of The Sexual CitizenPires, Tanya Samantha
2014Les crimes au nom de l'honneur. Un état des lieux du phénomène et des motifs permettant d’expliquer la persistance des crimes au nom de l’honneur dans nos sociétésYounes, Mila; Cardinal, Linda
2011First Nations Women's Evacuation during Pregnancy from Rural and Remote ReservesLawford, Karen; Giles, Audrey R.
2011Doing it Ourselves: Alternative pornography as activist prefigurationLawrance, Sarah; Mason, Dominique
2011What's Missing? Anti-Racist Sex Education!Whitten, Amanda; Sethna, Christabelle
2012Discrimination raciale au sein des femmes immigrantes sur le marché du travail: le cas des minorités visibles et des minorités non-visibles de MontréalImboua, Ginette; Denis, Ann
2012Rehabilitation at Rockwood: Women, Mental Illness and Asylums, Kingston, Ontario 1878-1906Terbenche, Danielle; McLean, Lorna
2011Intégration des femmes en politique au Burundi: quand le nombre n'est pas synonyme d'influenceMinani, Pascasie; Tremblay, Manon
2011Unlikely Bedfellows: The Harper Government and HomonationalismTroster, Ariel; Magnet, Shoshana
2011What Is Liberatory in Feminist Theory Might Be Limiting When Administered On Paper: An Intersectional and Interlocking Antiracist Postcolonial Feminist Discourse Analysis Of the Ministry of Education's First Draft of Ontario's New Secondary 'Gender Studies' CourseAzevedo, Jessica; Ng-A-Fook, Nicholas
2011Race, Gender and the Billboard Top 40 Charts between 1997 and 2007Durr, Jean; Burns, Lori
2010'Forgive Me Ana, For I Have Sinned'': Pro-Ana as Contemporary AsceticismParr, Tarlyn; Anderson, Emma
2011Temporary Labour Importation or a Pathway to Immigration? A Comparative Look at Canada's Live-In Caregiver and Seasonal Agricultural Workers ProgramsFebria, Monina Maria; Spitzer, Denise
2011'She Shoots, She Scares''! Online Reader Responses and the Backlash Agaisnt the 2010 Canadian Olympic Women's Hockey Team on Ice CelebrationFortier-Brynaert, Emily; Sethna, Christabelle
2011Not A Sob Story: Transitioning Out of Sex WorkLaw, Tuulia; Smith, Lisa
2011Bump Watch' and the Surveillance of Women's BodiesGuenette, Tara Lynn; Trevenen, Kathryn
2005Martial Rape and International Law: The Work of the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia and the International Criminal Tribunal for RwandaRea, Angela; Parent, Colette
2006Preserving Records, Creating Memories, Shaping Research: Inside the Canadian Women’s Movement ArchivesLoyer, Stacey; Gaffield, Chad