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This is a collection of working papers from the Telfer School. Some entries contain metadata only; the fulltext will be added when available.


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2014-05-23Perceptions of Characteristics of Potential Adopters of Online Shopping in Saudi ArabiaAhmed, Sadrudin A.; Shawli, Nidaa
2014-05-23Improved Generalized Method of Moments (GMMd), Liquidity Risk, and the Pastor-Stambaugh Extension of the Fama-French ModelRacicot, François-Éric; Rentz, William F.
2014-03-18Mentoring a Diverse Workforce. Knowledge Synthesis Grant Final Report.Leck, Joanne D.; Elliott, Catherine; Bourgeois, Elliott; Kemp, Kathleen
2013-11-06Procyclicality and Diversification in the Hedge Fund IndustryRacicot, François-Éric; Théoret, Raymond
2013-05-29The Emotional Edge of Financial Predators - A Four Group Longitudinal StudyMesly, Olivier; Lévy Mangin, Jean-Pierre; Racicot, François-Éric
2013-05-22The High Moments of Hedge Fund ReturnsChkir, Imed; Saadi, Samir; Zhong, Ligang
2013-05-21Erreurs de mesure sur les variables économiques et financièresRacicot, François-Éric
2013-05-21The Yin and Yang of Integrated Care: Systemic Imperatives for Traumatic Brain InjuriesCaro, Denis H. J.
2013-03-22Globalization and Health Gap between CountriesElmawazini, Khaled; Manga, Pran
2013-03-08Analyse des liens entre les choix stratégiques et la gestion intégrée des risques dans les entreprises canadiennes.Ben-Amar, Walid; Boujenoui, Ameur; Zéghal, Daniel
2013-03-07Governance-Performance Relationshiop in Publicly Traded Companies: Does Shareholders' Proximity Matter?Bozec, Richard; Dia, Mohamed
2012-11-29Firms’ Accruals and Tobin’s qCalmès, Christian; Cormier, Denis; Racicot, François-Éric; Théoret, Raymond
2012-10-24Low-Frequency Components and The Weekend Effect Revisited: Evidence from Spectral AnalysisRacicot, François-Éric
2012-10-10Automatic Mitigation of Adverse Interactions in Pairs of Clinical Practice Guidelines Using Constraint Logic ProgrammingWilk, Szymon; Michalowski, Wojtek; Michalowski, Martin; Farion, Ken; Mainegra Hing, Marisela; Mohapatra, Subhra
2012-10-10Board Independence and Firm Performance: A Contingency Model Based on Shareholders' Proximity to ManagementBozec, Richard
2012-10-10Cumulant Instrument Estimators for Hedge Fund Return Models with Errors in VariablesRacicot, François-Éric; Théoret, Raymond
2012-10-10Notes on Nonlinear DynamicsRacicot, François-Éric
2012-09-07Risk Procyclicality and Dynamic Hedge Fund Strategies: An Application of Kalman Filter to Time-Varying Alpha and BetaRacicot, François-Éric; Théoret, Raymond
2012-09-07Optimally Weighting Higher-Moment Instruments to Deal with Measurement Errors in Financial Return ModelsRacicot, François-Éric; Théoret, Raymond
2012-05-31The Connections between R&D Intensity and Time in Industrial InnovationBrzustowski, Thomas A.