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1968Médéric Lanctôt et l'Union nationaleGervais, Gaëtan
2008Anti-diabetic and neuroprotective activities of phytochemicals in traditionally used boreal plantsHarris, Cory S
2011Asymptotic Results for Some Longitudinal Regression ModelsDumitrescu, Laura
2011Analyse des cohérences intra, inter et extra des réformes académiques du Congo-Zaïre (1971--2003)Mpevo Mpolo, Aimé
2011Quand le coeur n'y est plus: le désengagement psychologique au travail et dans le milieu scolaireLaplante, Joëlle
2011The Determinants of Skills of Canadian ImmigrantsHou, Yan Betty
2011Relations des facteurs de risque et de protection avec les symptômes dépressifs et l'usage de substances chez les jeunes de l'OntarioLa Roche, Michèle
2010Characterization of the role of the medial prefrontal cortex and the amygdala in fear and anxiety: a focus on bombesin-like peptides and corticotropin-releasing hormoneMountney, Christine
2011Using Evolutionary Inspired Search Methodologies To Explore Polymorphism or Defect Associations in Materials DesignHooper, James
2011Photonic generation and processing of microwave arbitrary waveforms based on advanced fiber Bragg gratingsWang, Chao
2011Criminalizing Adolescence? Understanding Probation and Probation Violations in the Canadian Youth Criminal Justice SystemLatimer, Jeff
2011The Implications of Future Time Perspective and Planning Ability for Children's Emotion RegulationPuddester, Leah M
2011Defining the Budding Yeast Chromatin Associated InteractomeLambert, Jean-Philippe
2011The power of the diocesan bishop with regard to the administration of ecclesiastical goods of public juridic persons subject to him: An analysis of canon 1276, section 2Omorogbe, Edwin N
2011Teacher Perceptions of the Integration of Laptop Computers in Their High School Biology ClassroomsGundy, Morag S
2011Exploration of Ligand Effects, Substrate Effects and Reactor Effects on Macrocyclization via Ring-Closing Metathesis: A Rational Approach to Efficient CyclizationMonfette, Sebastien
2011Producing the Whitestream: Micropolitics and the Persistence of Colonialism in CanadaKrebs, Andreas
2010Finite Element Formulations for Lateral Torsional Buckling of Shear Deformable Planar FramesWu, Liping
2011Identification of SMYD2 interactions and substrates by immunoprecipitation coupled to mass spectrometryFigeys, Daniel,; Abu-Farha, Mohamed
2011Domestic Violence in Aboriginal Communities: A Context for ResilienceOlsen Harper, Anita