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2010Evaluating Machine Learning Methods: scored Receiver Operating Characteristics (sROC) CurvesKlement, William
2010Journeys of Identity Construction After Traumatic Brain Injury: Elite Athletes Perform Their Stories of HealingSmith, Claire
2010Genome Rearrangements: Structural Inference and Functional ConsequencesMunoz, Adriana
2011Geochemical responses of buried kimberlites in shallow groundwater in the Attawapiskat kimberlite field, James Bay Lowlands, CanadaSader, Jamil Andrei
2011Relationship between intravenous fluids given to women during parturition and their breastfed newborns' weight lossNoel-Weiss, Joy
2010A Jewish conductor, a devoted Mahlerite, and a delicate string: The musical life of Heinz Unger, 1895--1965Tesler-Mabe, Hernan
2010Critiquing the Most Congenial of Lives: The Rise of the Canadian Academic NovelBajwa, Poonam
2011The Discourse of Participation: A Poststructural Study of Teachers' Involvement in the Implementation of an Educational Reform InitiativeMosimakoko, Botsalano T
2010Sexual health and adolescents with disabilities: Understanding the experiences and roles of nurses in a hospital settingMcCabe, Janet L
2010HIV and the multifaceted deregulation of interleukin-12 through Vpr-GR, CD14, TLR4 expression and SAPK signallingFrappier, Fiona M
2010Post-Transcriptional Control of cIAP1Graber, Tyson
2010Workplace Pedagogic Practices: Understanding Learning Among Beginning Occupational TherapistsToal-Sullivan, Darene
2010Post-glacial Chironomidae population responses to climate-driven variations in lake production in the Canadian Arctic ArchipelagoFortin, Marie-Claude
2010Photochemical Strategies for the Synthesis of Gold NanoparticlesMcGilvray, Katherine L
2010Development of Conventional and Nanocrystalline Bond Coats by Cold Gas Dynamic Spraying for Aerospace Thermal Barrier CoatingsRicher, Patrick
2010In vivo evaluation of (R)- and (S)-[carbon-11]rolipram for imaging cardiac phosphodiesterase-4 enzymes: Characterization and applications in rat models of heart failureKenk, Miran
2010The adaptation of South Sudanese Christian refugees in Ottawa, Canada: Social capital, segmented assimilation and religious organizationLovink, Anton R
2010A Mobile Gnutella-based Network System to Support the Distributed Collaborative Virtual EnvironmentZarrad, Anis
2010On and off the ice: A case study of the involvement of parents in competitive youth hockeyThompson, Kimberley A
2010"Periodical Performance": The Editor Figure in Early Nineteenth-Century Literary MagazinesLendrum, Chris