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2011Minority governments in Canada: A study of legislative politicsGervais, Marc
2010Figuring Liturgically A Ricoeurian Analysis of the Byzantine-Rite "Great Blessing of Water"Butcher, Brian A
2011Exploring Simulation and Debriefing as an Educational Strategy for Perioperative Nurse Learners: A Case StudyClendinneng, Debra B
2011An architecture for federated video processing and online streamingIqbal, Razib
2011Effects of Peroxisome Proliferator-Activated Receptor Ligands on the Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Gonadal Axis of the Male GoldfishCameron, Colin
2011Secure and Efficient Cross-Layer Techniques For Low-Power Wireless Embedded SystemsOnat, Ilker
2010Alternative splicing regulation of the epithelial sodium channel (ENaC) in Dahl ratsShehata, Marlene Fouad Amin
2011Reliable and Energy Efficient Cluster-Based Wireless Sensor NetworksHashmi, Shafiq Ullah
2010Characterization of air-water flow in mini-scale serpentine geometriesDonaldson, Adam
2011SenseFace: Towards a Context-Aware Social Network FrameworkRahman, Md. Abdur
2010Raising the Dead: Finding History in the Gospel Accounts of Jesus's Resurrection Miracles Part One: The Synoptic TraditionScott, Steven Richard
2010Questions and Focus in BulgarianDukova-Zheleva, Galina
2010Haptic Data Reduction and Protection in Multimodal Virtual EnvironmentsSakr, Nizar
2011On Monitoring and Motivation in the Self-Regulation of Behaviour: The Roles of Self-Awareness, Self-Consciousness and Self-Determination in the Context of Dieting and Weight ManagementBeaudry, Simon G
2010Dynamics of a sensory network of ON and OFF cells with global delayed feedbackLefebvre, Jeremie
2011Expression and suppression of prejudice: Investigating linguistic intergroup biasShulman, Jessica Leigh
2011Key dimensions and ideological implications of safe motherhood discourse in a rural indigenous community in MexicoLaucirica, Jorge O
2011Aspect-Oriented User Requirements NotationMussbacher, Gunter
2011Implications of the multiple-use of large-scale assessments for the process of validation: A case study of the multiple-use of a Grade 9 mathematics assessmentKoch, Martha J
2011Triamine-grafted pore-expanded mesoporous silica for carbon dioxide adsorption in closed-circuit breathing systemsSerna Guerrero, Rodrigo Ivan