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2012Health worker migration: recruitment agency website analysis focusing on South Africa, Jamaica, and CanadaFrere, Margaret; Bourgeault, Ivy
2012Synthesis of Nanowires for Performance and Efficiency Boost of Fuel CellsBansal, Manjot; Giorgi, Javier
2012Duress as a defence to crimes against humanity in refugee status determinations: A snapshot of international theory and practiceKrech, Michele; Mackenzie, Madelaine; Bond, Jennifer
2012The changing conceptions of Jesus: Modern trends and outlooks of research into the historical JesusEllis, Lucy; Piovanelli, Pierluigi
2012Establishing the mutation spectrum for Floating-Harbor syndromeMai, Lloyd; Bulman, Dennis E.
2012Effects of nesfatin-1 on rainbow trout hunger satietyYoon, Kevin; Moon, Thomas W.
2012Sex differences in oxytocin producing neurons in the supraoptic nucleusBradley, Kelly; Ismail, Nafissa
2012Anti-Chinese press campaigns in French IndochinaGibney, Kathleen Enid; Lessard, Micheline
2012La rénovation urbaine de la Basse-Ville Est sous la mire du journal Le DroitGoulet, Kathleen; Gilbert, Anne
2012What are Jordanian medical students learning about emergency contraception?El-Haddad, Julie; Foster, Angel
2012Les expropriés de la rénovation urbaine de la Basse-Ville Est d'OttawaRobertson, Julia; Benali, Kenza
2012Direct comparison of "electro-bugging" and kick sampling for assessing stream macroinvertebrate biodiversityHo, Jennifer; Morin, Antoine
2012Bioassay-guided isolation of secondary metabolite responsible for the biofilm inhibitor activity of Marcgravia nervosa ethanolic extractsHarmsen, Irene; Durst, Tony
2012The people's ventriloquistsFerguson, Ian; Guerrero, Jorge Carlos
2012Does the National Post hate clean energy?El-Mohtar, Ghaith; Paterson, Matthew
2012Modeling high efficiency multi-junction solar cell design integrating III-V and I-III-VI semiconductorsBouchard, Frédéric; Hinzer, Karin
2012Socio-biblio.ca: What's in a @publiclibrary #canlit tweet?Stewart, Emily; Cavanagh, Mary
2012Anxiety in children and youthZavarella, Emilio; Lyons, John
2012Using Time Series Models to Analyze Large Financial Data SetsMei, Di; Kulik, Rafal
2012La modélisation de l'acquisition de phonèmes chez les enfants bilingues selon une distribution trimodaleLaliberté, Corinne; Fennell, Christopher T.