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2013Measures of cognition and coping in adolescents with anxiety disorder pre-and-post-cognitive behavioural therapyPsihogios, Maria; Flament, Martine
2012Terminology Extraction from TextbookFan, Yusi; Inkpen, Diana
2012Adjusting for clustering of the Mantel-Haenszel risk ratioJadayel, Yehia; Lamothe, Gilles
2012Self-Control of Knowledge of Performance Leads to Learning Benefits in ChildrenSmith, Victoria; Ste-Marie, Diane M.
2012Chemicals From Renewable Sources: Metal-Catalyzed Oxidation of the 2-phenoxyethanol Lignin ModelZakharov, Tom; Baker, Tom
2012What's the buzz on benzylamine-borane?Rashid, Thalia; Baker, Tom
2012Hyperbolic Geometry and Modular FormsKhan, Sakif Hossain; Salmasian, Hadi
2012Sexual History Evidence On Trial: S 276 & sexual assault since SeaboyerSawatsky, Rika; Sheehy, Elizabeth
2012Analysis of insulator activity in CLOI-3 subclones for transformation into Arabidopsis thalianaKang, Richard J.; Johnson, Douglas
2012Substitution of tryptophan with alanine in human D1 dopamine receptorsSabiri, Peter; Tiberi, Mario
2012A Spanglish RevolutionPisarek, Paulina; Valenzuela, Elena
2012The Efficacy of Phone Follow-up in Reducing Adverse Events in the Emergency Department: Preliminary Data from a Pilot ProjectLarocque, Natasha; Calder, Lisa
2012Enhancing the optical activity of chiral moleculesCole, Naomi; Boyd, Robert
2012L'Équit-action chez les enfants en difficulté d'apprentissageFirzly, Najat; Blanchard, Céline
2012Regard sur l'influence de la common law sur la procédure civile en droit des biens à travers le remède de l'injonctionGauvin-Coulombe, Maxime; Debruche, Anne-Françoise
2012TermWiki : une banque de données à consulter ou à éviter?Lapierre, Myriam; Quirion, Jean
2012Selecting DNA aptamers for the open conformation of Transglutaminase-2 proteinVincent, Matthew; Berezovski, Maxim
2012Characterization of second harmonic generation in chiral metamaterialsHorton, Matthew; Boyd, Robert
2012Les représentations des journalistes dans les ouvrages "de référence"Corbeil, Marie-Christine; Labasse, Bertrand
2012The Effect of RASD1 G-signaling protein on Atrial Natriuretic Factor ExpressionFam, Maria; de Bold, Adolfo