Contributions to the Design of RF Power Amplifiers

Title: Contributions to the Design of RF Power Amplifiers
Authors: Acimovic, Igor
Date: 2013-08-19
Abstract: In this thesis we introduce a two-way Doherty amplifier architecture with multiple feedbacks for digital predistortion based on impedance-inverting directional coupler (transcoupler). The tunable two-way Doherty amplifier with a tuned circulator-based impedance inverter is presented. Compact N-way Doherty architectures that subsume impedance inverter and offset line functionality into output matching networks are derived. Comprehensive N-way Doherty amplifier design and analysis techniques based on load-pull characterization of active devices and impedance modulation effects are developed. These techniques were then applied to the design of a two-way Doherty amplifier and a three-way Doherty amplifier which were manufactured and their performance measured and compared to the amplifier performance specifications and simulated results.
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