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2002Through a lens of difference or when worlds collide: A poststructural study on error correction and focus-on-form in language and second language learning.Masny, Diana,; Dufresne, Thérèse.
2002Cyno-EBV, a cynomolgus monkey EBV-like virus, and its latent membrane protein 1 oncogene.Wright, Kathryn,; Faucher, Sylvie.
2001Groundwater flow system in a mountainous region, Mount Myra, Vancouver Island, British Columbia.Robin, Michel,; Stapinsky, Martin John.
2002Analysis of the Ku antigen-dependent activation of reporter genes in yeast and characterization of the nuclear import signals of Ku antigen.Hache, Robert J. G.,; Bertinato, Jesse.
2002A study of the river redhorse, Moxostoma carinatum (Pisces; Catostomidae), in the tributaries of the Ottawa River, near Canada's National Capital and in a tributary of Lake Ontario, the Grand River, near Cayuga, Ontario.Chapleau, Francois,; Campbell, Brent Gordon.
2002A feasibility study to derive two clinical decision rules for patients with urinary calculi: For the use of urgent intravenous pyelography and for predicting complications of delayed urinary calculus passage.Stiell, Ian G.,; Papa, Linda.
2002The treatment of bilge water using a MF/UF hybrid membrane system: Membrane fouling, cleaning and the effect of constituents on flux decline.Tremblay, A. Y.,; Peng, Hui.
2001The regulation of CXCR4 and CCR5 expression on human monocytes by Th1 and Th2 cytokines: Functional implications on cell migration and HIV infection.Kumar, Ashok,; Weiss, William Michael.
2001The "Faint Hope Clause" (C.C.C. s.745.6): The judicial review process with special reference to the 1996 amendments.Gabor, Thomas,; Stein, Karin.
2002Lionel Groulx, les minorités françaises et la construction de l'identité canadienne-française : étude d'histoire intellectuelle.Gervais, Gaetan,; Bock, Michel.