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1985A blueprint for change in the federal public servicePaquet, Gilles
1984A brief to the Commons Standing Committee on Health, Welfare and Social Affairs on the Canada Health ActManga, Pran
1972A calculus for prior estimatesAllaire, Yvan
1992A capital asset pricing model conditional on private information and equilibrium prices: Part 1Choi, Mun Soo
2002A column generation algorithm for the multi-item capacitated lot-sizing problem: computational results in a rolling horizonChen, W. H; Thizy, J. M
1973A combined (primal-enumerative) integer programming algorithmRyan, Peter J
1982A commentary on the research supported by the National Health Research Development Program, the Ontario Ministry of Health Demonstration Model Grants Program and the Ontario Ministry of Health Public Health Grants Program: 1979-1980 and 1980-1981Sutherland, Ralph W
1983A comparative analysis of the use of a semi-logarithmic model to study market structureZuccaro, Cataldo
1979A comparative study of disclosure adequacy in the annual reports of banksKahl, Alfred L; Belkaoui, Ahmed
2004A comparative study of information disclosed on the Web with information disclosed in the annual reports: a survey of Canadians companiesMaingot, Michael; Zéghal, Daniel
1995A comparative study of job values of business students in Bolivia and English CanadaAhmed, Sadrudin A.
1993A comparative study of job values of business students in Chile and English CanadaAhmed, Sadrudin A.
1986A comparative study of job values of business students in France and English CanadaAhmed, Sadrudin A.; Jabes, Jak
1997A comparative study of job values of North and South American business studentsAhmed, Sadrudin A.; Rojas, José
1989A comparison of heuristics and relaxations for the capacitated plant location problemCornuejols, G; Sridharan, R
1993A comparison of national remote sensing programs in Brazil and CanadaNielsen, Christine; Sausen, Tania Maria
1988A comparison of Pacific Rim countries' experiences in promoting export through trading companiesDenis, Jean-Emile; Vadhanasindhu, Pakpachong
1996A comparison of the relationships among four functions: a dyadic and informant approachGuolla, Michael
1975A Conjoint measurement approach in determining the importance of a set of characteristics which may be possessed by MBA graduatesCattin, Philippe
2005A content analysis of risk management disclosures in Canadian annual reportsLajili, Kaouthar; Zéghal, Daniel
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