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The meaning and implementation of curriculum integration in the middle school years: Ministry of Education reforms and current practice in the Ontario school system. 9430
An Awkward Silence: Missing and Murdered Vulnerable Women and the Canadian Justice System 8928
Pour sortir les allumettières de l’ombre : conditions de travail et de vie des allumettières à la E.B. Eddy Match de Hull, 1854 à 1928 7038
A theoretical model for curriculum implementation. 4720
Apocalyptic and Sethian trajectories and Melchizedek speculations in late antique Egypt: The "Melchizedek Apocalypse" from Nag Hammadi (NHC IX, 1) as a test case 4717
Quebec's public diplomacy: A study on the conceptual convergence of public diplomacy and public relations 4309
"The Ars Moriendi": An examination, translation, and collation of the manuscripts of the shorter Latin version. 3917
Queen Jadwiga in history and legend: A contribution to the study of the XIV--XV century history of Poland 3694
Distributed Crawling of Rich Internet Applications 2914
Somali immigrants in Ottawa: The causes of their migration and the challenges of resettling in Canada. 2883

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