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2015The Legal Position of the Time Chartered Operator: Evaluating the Legal Risks and Potential Responses of the Time Charterer Which Sub-Charters on Voyage TermsWereley, James Russell; Braën, André
2015Entre loyauté partisane et engagement nationaliste : Napoléon-Antoine Belcourt, le Parti libéral et la cause canadienne-française, 1860-1932Richer, Geneviève; Bock, Michel
2015Le 'care' et l'éthique du 'care' chez les directions d'écoles de langue française pluralistes de la région Centre de l'OntarioBoucher, Michelle; Dalley, Phyllis
2015The Genetic Heterogeneity of Brachydactyly Type A1: Identifying the Molecular PathwaysRacacho, Lemuel Jean; Bulman, Dennis
2015CBC/Radio-Canada sans les droits de diffusion de hockey : un désavantage numérique ou politique?Corriveau, Isabelle; Bélanger, Pierre C.
2015Solubility and Stability of Scorodite and Adsorbed and Coprecipitated Arsenical 6-line Ferrihydrite in the Presence of Shewanella putrefaciens CN32 and Shewanella sp. ANA-3Revesz, Erika; Fortin, Danielle; Paktunc, Dogan
2015Les difficultés et les stratégies d'insertion en emploi des immigrants haïtiens dans la région d'Ottawa-GatineauKnight, Catherine; Couton, Philippe
2015Design and Analysis of Techniques for Multiple-Instance Learning in the Presence of Balanced and Skewed Class DistributionsWang, Xiaoguang; Japkowicz, Nathalie; Matwin, Stan
2015Selective Oxidation of Lignin Models and Extracts with Earth-Abundant Transition Metals and Hypervalent IodineChen, Wei-Ching; Baker, R. Tom
2015How Might Canadian Women Talk About Peri-Coital Contraception?Parniak, Simone N.; Foster, Angel M.