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2017The Social Construction of Addiction and Sexual Deviancy: A Comparative Analysis of the Experts in Policy DebateO'Brien, Haillie
2017A Systemic Analysis of the Child Welfare System: Understanding the Strengths and Needs of In-Home and Out-Of-Home Children and Examining the Role of Foster Child Factors on the Fostering ExperienceWendy, den Dunnen
2017A Mechanistic Approach Towards the Discovery of Catalytic Acylation ReactionsZhang, Wanying
2017Statistical Inference for Heavy Tailed Time Series and VectorsTong, Zhigang
2017Machine Translation and Translation Memory Systems: An Ethnographic Study of Translators’ SatisfactionMohammadi Dehcheshmeh, Maryam
2017Wartime Lessons, Peacetime Actions: How Veterans Like Major-General Dan Spry Influenced Canadian Society After 1945Case, Gordon Christopher
2017Regard socioconstructiviste sur le développement de la compétence lexicomorphogrammique qui permet l’accord du verbe en nombre chez des élèves de la fin de l’ordre élémentaire dans le Sud-Ouest ontarienThibeault, Joël
2017Exploring the Relationship between Coaches’ Leadership Behaviours and Athletes’ Positive Developmental Outcomes and Negative Experiences in Canadian University SportRathwell, Scott
2017On the Existence and Stability of Rotating Wave Solutions to Lattice Dynamical SystemsBramburger, Jason
2017Applications of N,N'-Disubstituted-1,8-Diaminonaphthalene as a Scaffold to Support Group 13 Compounds, Carbenes and Pd(II) Carbene ComplexesLee, Sojung