Translation and Analysis of Suzanne Myre’s Short Story Collection Mises à mort: A Case Study in Translating the Short Story Cycle

dc.contributor.authorHildebrand, Cassidy T. R.
dc.description.abstractIn translation studies, the short story cycle has been largely overlooked as an object of study in prose translation. This thesis serves as a case study on the practice of translating the short story cycle, using my translation of Suzanne Myre’s 2007 short story collection Mises à mort as a paradigm. The thesis comprises four sections: the first is devoted to a discussion of the short story cycle, a modernist form of the short story collection. It is a hybrid subgenre, balancing elements of both the traditional short story collection, characterized by heterogeneity, and the novel, characterized by homogeneity. In this first section, I examine a few definitions of the cycle, then I discuss the subgenre according to a four-part criteria established by Gerald Lynch: ‘character,’ ‘place,’ ‘theme’ and ‘style or tone.’ In the second section, I provide an analysis of Mises à mort within the framework of short story cycle criteria; an examination of the characters, setting, overarching themes and stylistic parallels serves to demonstrate how and why I ultimately interpreted the collection as a short story cycle. The third section is my complete translation of the work. In the fourth and final section, I discuss what implications my interpretation of Mises à mort as a cycle had for my translation thereof, and what unique challenges it presented. I compare my first draft, produced in the mindset that I was translating a traditional collection, to my final draft, revised to accommodate the cohesiveness of the work. This thesis serves to demonstrate how a translator can accommodate for the dual nature of the short story cycle, simultaneously maintaining the discreteness and interconnectedness of the stories.
dc.publisherUniversité d'Ottawa / University of Ottawa
dc.subjectLiterary translation
dc.subjectshort story cycle
dc.subjectshort story cycle translation
dc.subjectSuzanne Myre
dc.subjecttranslation studies
dc.subjectMises à mort
dc.titleTranslation and Analysis of Suzanne Myre’s Short Story Collection Mises à mort: A Case Study in Translating the Short Story Cycle
dc.faculty.departmentTraduction et interprétation / Translation and Interpretation
dc.contributor.supervisorCharron, Marc
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