Introducing Technology into an Acute Care, Multi-site Teaching Hospital

Title: Introducing Technology into an Acute Care, Multi-site Teaching Hospital
Authors: Tkach, Pamela
Date: 2013
Abstract: Objective: To investigate and describe how an acute care, multi-site teaching hospital implements a new technology called the Automated Medication Dispensing Cabinet (ADC) that will be used by nurses. Design and methods: Qualitative, descriptive, single-case study method using the Ottawa Model of Research Use as a framework to guide data collection and analysis. The project was evaluated from the beginning, through the planning stages until a cabinet vendor was chosen. Results: A multidisciplinary committee was created to implement the ADCs across the organization. Clinical nurses, the intended users, were not directly involved in the implementation; usability testing was not done; they were not prepared for all the needed training costs and no evaluation was planned. Conclusions: An implementation framework was not used to guide the ADC project and several key area surrounding implementation were missed. Recommendations were made to improve future implementation projects in heath organizations.
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