Rate-aware Cost-efficient Multiratecasting Routing in Wireless Sensor Networks

Title: Rate-aware Cost-efficient Multiratecasting Routing in Wireless Sensor Networks
Authors: Liu, Xidong
Date: 2013
Abstract: In the multiratecasting problem in wireless sensor networks, the source sensor is usually required to report to multiple destinations at dif- ferent rates for each of them. We present a MST-based rate-aware cost-efficient multiratecast routing protocol (MSTRC). The proposed MSTRC examines only one set partition of destinations at each for- warding step. A message split occurs when the locally-built minimum spanning tree (MST) over the current node and the set of destina- tions has multiple edges originated at the current node. Destinations spanned by each of these edges are grouped together, and for each of these subsets the best neighbor is selected as the next hop. We also suggested a novel face recovery mechanism to deal with void ar- eas, when no neighbor provides positive progress toward destinations. It constructs a MST of current node and destinations without the progress via neighbors, and for each set partition of destinations cor- responding to an edge e in MST, the face routing keeps going until a node that is closer to one of these destinations is found, allowing for greedy continuation, while the process repeats for the remaining desti- nations similarly. Our experimental results demonstrate that MSTRC is highly rate-efficient in all scenarios, and unlike existing solutions, it is adaptive to destination rate deviations.
URL: http://hdl.handle.net/10393/23893
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