Running Head: Social Capital and Part-Time Mature Master's Students

Title: Running Head: Social Capital and Part-Time Mature Master's Students
Authors: Barber, Patricia
Date: 2013-01-28
Abstract: Nontraditional or part-time, mature graduate students have been a relatively consistent factor in enrolment in Canadian Universities over the past 10 years, with a slight upward trend. However, the factors that contribute to persistence and/or withdrawal of this student group are not clear. Without persistence there is the potential of this increasingly important student group to withdraw from their studies. It is important, therefore, to describe the graduate school experiences of part-time, mature students to understand contributing factors to their persistence, including their satisfaction and dissatisfaction with their studies, which may impact persistence. Further, given that the graduate experience provides an opportunity to develop connections with professors and other students it is important to understand the relative importance of these connections on persistence for part-time, mature graduate students. This phenomenological study includes interviews with five participants and seeks to understand the experience of part-time, mature graduate students through the theoretical lens of social capital theory, persistence and engagement theory, and social identity theory.
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