Supplying Partners Suite of Protocols for P2P 3D Streaming Over Thin Mobile Devices

dc.contributor.authorMaamar, Haifa Raja
dc.description.abstractThe recent advances in mobile computing devices and wireless networking produced the technical platform for multimedia services over thin mobile devices. Nowadays, we are witnessing an important growth in applications using thin mobile devices, such as social networks, virtual walkthrough, media streaming, and augmented reality (AR), just to mention a few. Most of these applications are based on the client-server architecture, however several studies showed that the client-server architecture suffers from various issues, such as the server bottleneck, latency and the lack of scalability. This led most of the systems to switch to the peer-to-peer (P2P)-like environment for its scalability and potential cost saving. P2P multimedia streaming over thin mobile devices-based classes of applications has known a significant growth during the last years. Although P2P video streaming over thin mobile devices received a great deal of attention, the application of 3D streaming over mobile devices was challenging mainly due to the limited mobile resources and capabilities, as well as the wireless medium limitations. Having 3D streaming over Mobile Ad hoc Networks (MANET) is considered more challenging given that the 3D streaming-based system has to deal with a dynamic environment resulting from nodes mobility, which may lead to route breakages and connection loss. Therefore, one of the major difficulties in 3D streaming over MANET is related to the supplying partner's strategy that aims at determining the most suitable source holding the required 3D data to stream it quickly and efficiently to the requesters. In this thesis, we propose our P2P based 3D streaming system which we refer to as MOSAIC as well as a suite of supplying partner strategy protocols for P2P 3D streaming over thin mobile devices. Our proposed suite of protocols selects the potential sources that have the relevant 3D data, based on a set of criteria such as the source location, the mobile device's available resources as well as its residual energy. We also proposed a multihop supplying partner selection protocol that takes into account the signal strength and the nodes mobility when streaming the relevant 3D data. The performance evaluation obtained to evaluate our MOSAIC system as well as our suite of protocols using an extensive set of NS2 simulation experiments, is then reported.
dc.publisherUniversité d'Ottawa / University of Ottawa
dc.subject3D streaming
dc.subjectmobile devices
dc.subjectwireless networks
dc.titleSupplying Partners Suite of Protocols for P2P 3D Streaming Over Thin Mobile Devices
dc.faculty.departmentScience informatique et génie électrique / Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
dc.contributor.supervisorPetriu, Emil
dc.contributor.supervisorBoukerche, Azzedine
dc.embargo.termsimmediateénie / Engineeringénie / Engineering
uottawa.departmentScience informatique et génie électrique / Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
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