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The OJR is an annual journal of graduate student work published by the Department of Classics and Religious Studies, University of Ottawa


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2010Ottawa Journal of Religion // La Revue des sciences des religions d’OttawaVallely, Anne
2011Ottawa Journal of Religion // La Revue des sciences des religions d’OttawaSaucier, Mélanie
2011Pourquoi ne plongerais-je pas mes yeux dans les siens encore et encore? : Du regard puissant à la dévotion aveugle dans l’hindouismeBlanchard, Marie-Josée
2011The Illusion of the “Slippery Slope”: How Religion and Culture Shape Canadian Doctors’ Attitudes toward Euthanasia and Physician-Assisted SuicideChambers, Stuart
2011The Unbearable Lightness of Being Nothing: Einmal ist Keinmal in Otto And NietzscheKandler, Renate Anna
2011History as the Rise Of a Modern Jewish IdentityGareau, Paul L.
2011Legal Words are Latent Thoughts: Understanding Discourse Around Aboriginal Religion in Delgamuukw v. British ColumbiaForbes, Lauren
2009Ottawa Journal of Religion // La Revue des sciences des religions d’OttawaVallely, Anne; Sylvestre, Julie
2009The Star in the Banner: Studies on North American Black-Jewish CommunitiesBoafo, Kwaku
2009Running From Olympia to the Isles of the Blessed Sacrifice, Athleticism and Cosmology in a Panhellenic Hero CultQuinlan, Stephen
2009Veganism and Punk – A Recipe for Resistance: Symbolic Discourse and Meaningful PracticeSylvestre, Julie
2009Ecology of Love and Avoidance Negotiating the Boundaries Between World-Affirmation and World-RenunciationSaucier, Melanie
2009The Madman and the Spider: Sacrifice and Metaphysics in Nietzsche and GirardChiles, Paul
2009Gianni Vattimo and Nihilistic Christianity: Creating Open Concepts of Truth and Knowledge in the Age of InterpretationChambers, Stuart
2009To Find a Priest and His Priesthood: Caiaphas and the Thomasine CommunityWright, Erin J.
2010Snakes, Sacrifice, and Sacrality in South Asian ReligionJones, Gabriel
2010AIDS and Sacrifice: A Discussion of René Girard’s Scapegoat Theory of Sacrifice, Jean-Luc Nancy’s Unsacrificeable, and Giorgio Agamben’s Homo SacerPump, Andrew
2010De Hubert et Mauss à Valeri : le sacrifice védique, son public, sa violenceBlanchard, Marie-Josée
2010My Name is Sacrifice: An Interpretation of Power in Saint FaustinaKandler, Renate Anna
2010War is Peace: Analyzing Sigmund Freud’s and René Girard’s Theories of Violence and SacrificeHartley, Todd