The Effect of Inbound Mass on the Dynamic Response of the Hybrid III Headform and Brain Tissue Deformation

Title: The Effect of Inbound Mass on the Dynamic Response of the Hybrid III Headform and Brain Tissue Deformation
Authors: Karton, Clara
Date: 2012
Abstract: The varied impact parameters that characterize an impact to the head have shown to influence the resulting type and severity of outcome injury, both in terms of the dynamic response, and the corresponding deformation of neural tissue. Therefore, when determining head injury risks through event reconstruction, it is important to understand how individual impact characteristics influence these responses. The effect of inbound mass had not yet been documented in the literature. The purpose of this study was to determine the effects of inbound mass on the dynamic impact response and brain tissue deformation. A 50th percentile Hybrid III adult male head form was impacted using a simple pendulum system. Impacts to a centric and a non-centric impact location were performed with six varied inbound masses at a velocity of 4.0 m/s. The peak linear and peak angular accelerations were measured. A finite element model, (UCDBTM) was used to determine brain deformation, namely peak maximum principal strain and peak von Mises stress. Inbound mass produced significant differences for peak linear acceleration for centric (F(5, 24) = 217.55, p=.0005) and non-centric (F(5, 24) = 161.98, p=.0005), and for peak angular acceleration for centric (F(5, 24) = 52.51, p=.0005) and non-centric (F(5, 24) = 4.18, p=.007) impact locations. A change in inbound mass also had a significant effect on peak maximum principal strain for centric (F(5, 24) = 11.04, p=.0005) and non-centric (F(5, 24) = 5.87, p =.001), and for peak von Mises stress for centric (F(5, 24) = 24.01, p=.0005) and non-centric (F(5, 24) = 4.62, p=.004) impact locations. These results indicate the inbound mass of an impact should be of consideration when determining risks and prevention to head and brain injury.
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