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2021To Pursue Light Skin Tones: Is it a Constraint for Chinese Women?Shi, Diwen; Scobie, Willow
2020Legal Pluralism and the Reconstruction of Legal Consciousness in Co-ethnic Chinese RestaurantsWang, Weiran; López, José
2020E-commerce and the Indian Textile - Modernity and Tradition in a Changing WorldMurty, Vinayini
2020On Thin Ice: Perils of a changing climate for communities in the Canadian ArcticClavijo Rodriguez, Maria Fernanda
2020Education in Inuit Nunangat: A Quantitative Examination of Factors Contributing to the Educational Attainments of InuitPourfarzaneh, Sina
2020BDSM as Performance: The Experience of Empowerment in the ‘Submissive’ RoleCinquino, Vanessa
2020Latte Pappas on the rise: A comparative analysis of parental leave policies and gender equality in Quebec, the rest of Canada, and SwedenBossé, Jessica
2020Demographic trends in marital status / divorce rates across generationsDumitrescu, Nicu
2020Assessing the Role of Parental Power Distribution on Child Health in NigeriaAdeyoyin, Tolulope
2020Immigration et marché du travail au Québec : le cas des immigrants originaires de l’Afrique du Nord.AZIABA, Séyram
2020“Nature-Based Solutions” and Global Water Shortages: A Political Ecology of The United Nation’s World Water Development Report 2018.Huns, Pierre
2019Religion and Immigration in Canada: Exploring the Role of Religious Institutions in the Integration of African Christian Immigrants in Canadian SocietyMachuhi, Eunice W.
2019Savoirs et pratiques de pêche au JaponGirard, Solveig
2019Gendered Heart Job? Exploring Emotion Management and Care Work in a Voluntary Service ContextYujuan, Cai
2019Gendered Pathways to Employment: Experiences of Brazilian immigrants Navigating the Canadian Referral ProcessLuísa, Cunha Manhães Pessanha
2019Masculinité, otakus et amour : Transformation de la masculinité et rejet des relations amoureuses chez les jeunes hommes japonaisGoyette, Sébastien B.
2018Ripping at the Seams: Stories of a Too-Fat, Fractured, Feminist KilljoyDineen, Rosemary
2018Chinese social networks effect on job huntingYuan, Jingwen
2018The Sociological Dynamics of Statelessness: Case analysis of the Rohingya Muslims in MyanmarHaq, Amina
2018L’agriculture urbaine : une étude sur l’engagement agricole dans la région de la capitale nationale canadienneLagueux, Stéphanie