Optimum Ordering for Coded V-BLAST

Title: Optimum Ordering for Coded V-BLAST
Authors: Uriarte Toboso, Alain
Date: 2012
Abstract: The optimum ordering strategies for the coded V-BLAST system with capacity achieving temporal codes on each stream are studied in this thesis. Mathematical representations of the optimum detection ordering strategies for the coded V-BLAST under instantaneous rate allocation (IRA), uniform power/rate allocation (URA), instantaneous power allocation(IPA) and instantaneous power/rate allocation (IPRA) are derived. For two transmit antennas, it is shown that the optimum detection strategies are based on the per-stream before-processing channel gains. Based on approximations of the per-stream capacity equation, closed-form expressions of the optimal ordering strategy under the IRA at low and high signal to noise ratio (SNR) are derived. Necessary optimality conditions under the IRA are given. Thresholds for the low, intermediate and high SNR regimes in the 2-Tx-antenna system under the IPRA are determined, and the SNR gain of the ordering is studied for each regime. Performances of simple suboptimal ordering strategies are analysed, some of which perform very close to the optimum one.
URL: http://hdl.handle.net/10393/23509
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