Depth Map Compression Based on Platelet Coding and Quadratic Curve Fitting

Title: Depth Map Compression Based on Platelet Coding and Quadratic Curve Fitting
Authors: Wang, Han
Date: 2012
Abstract: Due to the fast development in 3D technology during recent decades, many approaches in 3D representation technologies have been proposed worldwide. In order to get an accurate information to render a 3D representation, more data need to be recorded compared to normal video sequence. In this case, how to find an efficient way to transmit the 3D representation data becomes an important part in the whole 3D representation technology. Recent years, many coding schemes based on the principle of encoding the depth have been proposed. Compared to the traditional multiview coding schemes, those new proposed schemes can achieve higher compression efficiency. Due to the development of depth capturing technology, the accuracy and quality of the reconstructed depth image also get improved. In this thesis we propose an efficient depth data compression scheme for 3D images. Our proposed depth data compression scheme is platelet based coding using Lagrangian optimization, quadtree decomposition and quadratic curve fitting. We study and improve the original platelet based coding scheme and achieve a compression improvement of 1-2 dB compared to the original platelet based scheme. The experimental results illustrate the improvement provided by our scheme. The quality of the reconstructed results of our proposed curve fitting based platelet coding scheme are better than that of the original scheme.
CollectionThèses, 2011 - // Theses, 2011 -