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2014-04-10"There are enough employees in the workforce: training them is key"Gaffield, Chad; Herbert-Copley, Brent
2016"Educational History, the Spatial Turn, and Digital Scholarship: Reflections on the concept of educational spaces"Gaffield, Chad
1986Regenerators: Social Criticism in Late Victorian English Canada (review)Gaffield, Chad
1992-03-25Merging of councils may be unproductive marriageGaffield, Chad
1993-04Le projet de loi C-93Gaffield, Chad
1981Labouring Children: British Immigrant Apprentices to Canada, 1869-1924 (review)Gaffield, Chad
1988Taking the Veil: An Alternative to Marriage, Motherhood, and Spinsterhood in Quebec, 1840-1920 (review)Gaffield, Chad
1985Growing Up British in British Columbia: Boys in Private School (review)Gaffield, Chad
1980Lower Canada, 1791-1840: Social Change and Nationalism (review)Gaffield, Chad
1980Schooling and Society in 20th Century British Columbia (review)Gaffield, Chad
1988Mechanics' Institutes (encyclopedia entry)Gaffield, Chad
1992Canadian Families in Cultural Context: Hypotheses from the Mid-Nineteenth CenturyGaffield, Chad
1978Children’s Rights in the Canadian ContextGaffield, Chad
2014Obituary: Michael B. Katz, 1939-2014Gaffield, Chad
2014-06We asked the leaders of Canada’s three main granting agencies: Why is fundamental research so important?Gaffield, Chad
2007-10-08Research and Innovation in Canada: Now, it is a nation’s capacity to innovate that determines its successGaffield, Chad
2005-02Diversity and Complexity: Rethinking Can-Am RelationsGaffield, Chad
2007-06-07Convocation Remarks (Thompson Rivers University 2007)Gaffield, Chad
2008-09-29A New Consensus for Building Canada’s Competitiveness in the 21st CenturyGaffield, Chad
1981-03Quantitative Methods in the Classroom: An UpdateGaffield, Chad