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1998The Fate and Fortunes of the Legacy of Saints Cyril and Methodios in the Balkans during the Period of the Ottoman Empire (Fourteenth-Eighteenth Century)Vryonis, Speros
1997A Tale of Bygone Years: The Kontakion for the Dedication of a Church in Medieval Rus'. A Source Study and a ReconstructionMyers, Gregory
1997Why Write a New History of Byzantium?Treadgold, Warren
1995A Fourteenth-Century Manual of Hesychast Prayer: The Century Of St Kallistos And St Ignatios XanthopoulosWare, Kallistos
1995Observations on the Study of Byzantine Hagiography in the Last Half-Century or Two Looks Back and One Look ForwardŠevčenko, Ihor
1997The Architectural Iconography of the Late Byzantine MonasteryPopović, Svetlana
1996Image and Imagination: The Byzantine Epigram as Evidence for Viewer ResponseMaguire, Henry
1996The Byzantine Background to the First CrusadeMagdalino, Paul
2015Les Jafnides et la défense de l'Empire au VIe siècleGreatrex, Geoffrey
2015Théodore le Lecteur et son épitomateur anonyme du VIIe s.Greatrex, Geoffrey
2014-10Perceptions of Procopius in Recent Scholarship (Addenda)Greatrex, Geoffrey
2014-05Perceptions of Procopius in Recent ScholarshipGreatrex, Geoffrey
2013-03-15Shifting Frontiers in Late Antiquity X: Shifting Genres in Late Antiquity / Frontières en fluctuation X : Les genres en transition dans l’antiquité tardiveGreatrex, Geoffrey
1998Assessores kaj historiistoj en la malfrua romia imperioGreatrex, Geoffrey
2001A tempest in three teapots: Yom Kippur balls in London, New York and MontrealMargolis, Rebecca
2009Culture in motion: Yiddish in Canadian Jewish lifeMargolis, Rebecca
2008The Linkimer diary: How 11 Jews survived the HolocaustAnders, Edward; Margolis, Rebecca
2007The early years of Justin I's reign in the sourcesGreatrex, Geoffrey
2008Prokopio de Cezareo, enigma historiisto de la epoko de Justiniano (sesa jarcento p.K.)Greatrex, Geoffrey