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2020Ecopolitics Podcast, Episode 7: Canadian Environmental Law and PolicyKatz-Rosene, Ryan; Andrée, Peter
2020Ecopolitics Podcast, Episode 5: Environmental Political History in CanadaKatz-Rosene, Ryan; Andrée, Peter
2020Ecopolitics Podcast, Episode 4: Environmental Racism and Justice in CanadaKatz-Rosene, Ryan; Andrée, Peter
2020Ecopolitics Podcast, Episode 3: Environmental Change in Canada - Plastics Case StudyKatz-Rosene, Ryan; Andrée, Peter
2020Ecopolitics Podcast, Episode 2: Introduction to EcopoliticsKatz-Rosene, Ryan
2020Sexual orientation and gender identity in Canada’s ‘feminist’ international assistanceAylward, Erin; Brown, Stephen
2020Ecopolitics Podcast, Episode 1: Introducing the Ecopolitics PodcastKatz-Rosene, Ryan; Andrée, Peter
2020Ecopolitics Podcast, Episode 6: Federalism, Party Politics and EnvironmentKatz-Rosene, Ryan; Andrée, Peter
2020Foreign aid, the mining sector and democratic ownership: The case of Canadian assistance to PeruBrown, Stephen
2020The Rise and Fall of the Aid Effectiveness NormBrown, Stephen
2020Aid donors, democracy and the developmental state in EthiopiaBrown, Stephen; Fisher, Jonathan
2018All about that base? Branding and the domestic politics of Canadian foreign aidBrown, Stephen
2016The instrumentalization of foreign aid under the Harper governmentBrown, Stephen
2017Foreign Aid and National Ownership in Mali and GhanaBrown, Stephen
2019International Migration and Turnout BiasWigginton, Michael J.; Stockemer, Daniel; van Schouwen, Jasmine
2019Publishing in English or another language: An inclusive study of scholar’s language publication preferences in the natural, social and interdisciplinary sciencesStockemer, Daniel; Wigginton, Michael J.
2015Untying the Knot? Assessing the compatibility of the American and European strategic culture under President ObamaZyla, Benjamin
2014-12White Papers and RevelationsMoltaji, Golbon
2015-08-31Migrants' Myths and Imaginaries: Understanding Their Role in Migration Movements and PoliciesNakache, Delphine; Pellerin, Hélène; Veronis, Luisa
2014-09-01Religious Belief and Community Identity in Pierre Bayle's Defense of Religious TolerationSparling, Robert