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2017Les avantages et les répercussions de la politique de mise en accusation obligatoire en Ontario : perceptions des femmes victimes de violence, des intervenants et des corps policiersJohnson, Holly; Connors, Deborah E,
2017The benefits and impacts of mandatory charging in Ontario: Perceptions of abused women, service providers and policeJohnson, Holly; Conners, Deborah E.
2017-05Comparative analysis of Dutch Reformed communities’ coverage in Canadian mainstream and Reformed mass mediaAlekseevskaia, Mariia
2016-07-18Lean: it’s not rocket science, it’s work scienceGaudet, Joanne; Bergeron, France
2014-07-25An end to ‘God-like’ scientific knowledge? How non-anonymous referees and open review alter meanings for scientific knowledgeGaudet, Joanne J.
2014-07-16Investigating journal peer review as scientific object of study: unabridged version – Part IIGaudet, Joanne J.
2014-07-16Investigating journal peer review as scientific object of study: unabridged version – Part IGaudet, Joanne J.
2014Unfolding the map: Making knowledge and ignorance mobilization dynamics visible in science evaluation and policymakingGaudet, Joanne J.
2013It takes two to tango: knowledge mobilization and ignorance mobilization in science research and innovationGaudet, Joanne J.
2014The ‘Mobilization-Network’ Approach for the Social Network Analysis of Knowledge Mobilization in Science Research and InnovationGaudet, Joanne J.
2014All that glitters is not gold: The shaping of contemporary journal peer review at scientific and medical journalsGaudet, Joanne J.
2014-06-20How pre-publication journal peer review (re)produces ignorance at scientific and medical journals: a case studyGaudet, Joanne J.
2014-06-02Investigating journal peer review as scientific object of studyGaudet, Joanne J.
2012-10-16Short Communication: Knowledge mobilization and ignorance mobilization dynamics in veterinary researchGaudet, Joanne J.; Czub, Stefanie
2012-07-23Ignorance is power: Ignorance mobilization and knowledge mobilization dynamics in science researchGaudet, Joanne J.
2012-07-23‘Garbage Patch’ e-flows: Exploring on-line plastics in the ocean knowledge politicsGaudet, Joanne J.
2012-07-23In praise of ignorance: Theoretically reconciling ignorance mobilization and knowledge mobilization towards network epistemic mobilization in collaborative science research networksGaudet, Joanne J.