The “Dual Identity” of the Sovereign State and the Problem of Foundation in Global Politics

dc.contributor.authorGoguen, Marcel R.
dc.description.abstractRecently, many authors from various theoretical backgrounds have written books or articles trying to clarify what the role of the sovereign state is within the wider political context of “global politics.” This thesis seeks to critically engage with the way in which this debate has been framed by the vast majority of these authors. Indeed, while most authors frame this debate as an essentially empirical disagreement concerning the objective composition of global politics, we will be arguing that it is really a debate that concerns the problem of political foundation and the possibly changing nature of the dominant ways of answering this problem in contemporary “global politics.” From this perspective, the vast majority of those involved in this debate simply pass over - as somehow analytically uninteresting - most of the questions that would really need to be explained and understood. This thesis seeks to address this crucial oversight
dc.publisherUniversité d'Ottawa / University of Ottawa
dc.subjectthe state
dc.subjectglobal politics
dc.subjectInternational Relations Theory
dc.titleThe “Dual Identity” of the Sovereign State and the Problem of Foundation in Global Politics
dc.faculty.departmentÉtudes politiques / Political Studies
dc.contributor.supervisorDe Larrinaga, Miguel
dc.embargo.termsimmediate sociales / Social Sciences sociales / Social Sciences
uottawa.departmentÉtudes politiques / Political Studies
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