Driver Drowsiness Monitoring Based on Yawning Detection

Title: Driver Drowsiness Monitoring Based on Yawning Detection
Authors: Abtahi, Shabnam
Date: 2012
Abstract: Driving while drowsy is a major cause behind road accidents, and exposes the driver to a much higher crash risk compared to driving while alert. Therefore, the use of assistive systems that monitor a driver’s level of vigilance and alert the fatigue driver can be significant in the prevention of accidents. This thesis introduces three different methods towards the detection of drivers’ drowsiness based on yawning measurement. All three approaches involve several steps, including the real time detection of the driver’s face, mouth and yawning. The last approach, which is the most accurate, is based on the Viola-Jones theory for face and mouth detection and the back projection theory for measuring both the rate and the amount of changes in the mouth for yawning detection. Test results demonstrate that the proposed system can efficiently measure the aforementioned parameters and detect the yawning state as a sign of a driver’s drowsiness.
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