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2020A Crude Depiction of Oil: A Comparative Discourse Analysis of CBC Calgary and British Columbia's Coverage of the Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion ProjectAbounehme, Kayla; McCurdy, Patrick
2020Étude de l’identité de marque du Conseil des écoles catholiques du Centre-Est en contexte de minorité linguistique et de singularité religieuseCrête, Mélissa; Ivanov, Ivan
2020Internet Addiction and Identity: A Systematic Research ReviewAlotaibi, Sameera; Luppicini, Rocci
2019« Diversité culturelle et organismes internationaux non gouvernementaux: Comment développer des compétences interculturelles à travers une formation discontinue? »Comboïgo, Laura Aïna Yamwekré; Grosjean, Sylvie
2019Media Framing of Sunni-Shia Tensions in PakistanShah, Syed Zubair; Paré, Daniel
2018Man Machine Poem: Viewing the Tragically Hip's final tour through a post-humanitarianism lensVreugdenhil;Beauclerc, Connor; Paré, Daniel
2018Case Study of the Uber Failure in China: A Technoethical AnalysisYu, Zhen; Luppicini, Rocci
2018Changing Content Creation in the Age of Prosumer: from Individual to Multi-Channel NetworksYang, Liwei; Dubois, Elizabeth
2018A strategy for the Thai Department of Disease Control for use in internal communication in situations such as the MERS, H5N1 and influenza crisesAkarasewi, Parujee; Grosjean, Sylvie
2018Internal Crisis Communication and Implications for Employees’ Health: A Study of Mobile Telephone Network (MTN) Nigeria $1.6 Billion Fine and Etisalat $1.2 BillionAkisanmi, Oluwaseun Deborah; Ahmed, Rukhsana
2018Watching the Talk: Talk on Television and Talk About Television - The Case Study of Ahmar Bel Khat AreedSaleh, Sara; Conway, Kyle; Regan Wills, Emily
2018The Construction of National Identity in Television SeriesDong, Wenchao; Paré, Daniel
2018Case Study of the Uber Failure in China: A Technoethical AnalysisZhen, Yu; Luppicini, Rocci
2018Assessing the Editorial Discourse Around the Equal Opportunity Program in New BrunswickComeau, Jean-Sébastien; Conway, Kyle
2018-01-18Gendered Mediation of Clinton's Nonverbal Immediacy.Cummings, Laura; Lennox Terrion, Jenepher
2018-01-16Mémoire de Maîtrise : L’analyse de l’identité de marque de Bell Canada Entreprises – se réinventer pour survivre.St-Laurent, Benoit; Dupont, Luc
2017-12-19Discourse analysis of an organic network: A practice perspectiveBaribeau, Julie; Matte, Frédérik
2017-11-21The Construction of Gender in Contemporary Magazine Advertisements.Lay, Taylor; Jaya, Peruvemba S.
2017-03-22Myths of Canadian Identity in Oil Sands Industry Advertisements. A semiotic analysis of the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producer’s Raise Your Hand campaignCantin, Amélie; McCurdy, Patrick
2017-05-11Framing Differences Between Local and National Media in the Trayvon Martin CaseLerouge, Samantha; Conway, Kyle