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18-Jan-2018Gendered Mediation of Clinton's Nonverbal Immediacy.Cummings, Laura; Lennox Terrion, Jenepher
16-Jan-2018Mémoire de Maîtrise : L’analyse de l’identité de marque de Bell Canada Entreprises – se réinventer pour survivre.St-Laurent, Benoit; Dupont, Luc
19-Dec-2017Discourse analysis of an organic network: A practice perspectiveBaribeau, Julie; Matte, Frédérik
21-Nov-2017The Construction of Gender in Contemporary Magazine Advertisements.Lay, Taylor; Jaya, Peruvemba S.
22-Mar-2017Myths of Canadian Identity in Oil Sands Industry Advertisements. A semiotic analysis of the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producer’s Raise Your Hand campaignCantin, Amélie; McCurdy, Patrick
11-May-2017Framing Differences Between Local and National Media in the Trayvon Martin CaseLerouge, Samantha; Conway, Kyle
28-Aug-2017Étude descriptive des positionnements théoriques sur l’utilisation de la stratégie d’argumentation ad hominem dans les débats électoraux télévisésMérisier, Julio; Potter, Evan
31-Aug-2017La dispersion numérique dans la gestion d’événementsCaron, Leeza; Grosjean, Sylvie
15-Sep-2017Sports redefined: The importance of sponsors in shaping the modern image of sportEl Wajgali, Adnane; Lévy, Pierre
17-May-2016Communication de crise à Lac-MéganticLanouette, Valérie; Potter, Evan
11-Mar-2016Empathizing with Enemies: Establishing Good Practices for Patient-Provider Communication at Arkham AsylumSabourin, Randy; Ahmed, Rukhsana
4-Apr-2016Environmental Destruction versus Responsible Trade versus Domestic Bliss: Assessing the Representation of Risk in Civil Society, Aboriginal, Industry and Government Bitumen Sands AdvertisingNichol, Laura; McCurdy, Patrick
25-Aug-2015Analysis of the Network Communication Approach to Public Diplomacy: Case Study of the Confucius Institute at Carleton UniversityShi, Lu; Potter, Evan
5-Jan-2015An Evaluation of Crisis Response Performance of Husi Food Co. during its 2014 Food Safety Scandal - Using the Situational Crisis Communication TheoryZhang, Zeqing; Peruvemba, Jaya
2015Understanding the Role of Weibo in Health-­‐seeking Process of Chinese International Students in CanadaLiang, Wenzhuo; Ahmed, Rukhsana
7-Jan-2016News Form(ed): A look at the visual framing surrounding Justin Trudeau in the Globe and Mail’s online news coverageHowe-Conlin, Emily; Grandena, Florian
7-Jan-2015What Factors Motivate People To Adopt And Use The Social Media Platforms?Zhuang, Shiyu; Paré, Daniel
29-Apr-2015Loneliness, Parasocial Interaction, and the Media: Tracing the Patterns of UnderstandingJohnson, Kevin; Paré, Daniel
24-Jul-2015The Role of Social Media in the ISIL-West Crisis: A Technoethical Analysis of TwitterMcHugh, Laura; Mahmoud, Eid
21-Aug-2015Femmebook: Women, Facebook and the #NoMakeUpSelfieSmith, Amber; Ross, Philippe