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2019The Implications of Securitizing the Environment in Apocalyptic TimesStathopulos, Kaylie; Williams, Michael
2020Microtargeting, Automation, and Forgery: Disinformation in the Age of Artificial IntelligenceArsenault, Amelia; Williams, Michael
2020The Resurgent American Old Right: Trumpism, Middle American Radicals and the Challenge of the Liberal International OrderHamelin, Christopher; Gheciu, Alexandra
2020How Does Industry Gender Ratio Affect Workplace Sexual Assault against Women? - A Panel Analysis in CanadaWang, Yi; Rivers, Nicholas
2020Comparing the Gap Between Demand and Supply of Democracy in Benin and GhanaRenée Rose, Joubarne; Abrahamsen, Rita
2020La relation sino-russe en Asie centrale : entre coopération et rivalitéChobah, Abir; Robinson, Paul
2020Mutual Othering and Sino-Japanese Nationalism: Perceptions, Themes and Implications on Bilateral RelationsCai, Phoenix; Paris, Roland
2020“The Elite vs. The People’s Party of Canada: Maxime Bernier and the Manifestation of Populism in Canada”Beer-Beauchamp, Emma; Stockemer, Daniel
2019POLICY, POLITICS, AND THE PUBLIC - The securitization of foreign interference in North AmericaHenderson, Stephanie Christina; Gheciu, Alexandra
2019Running Head: ABORTION CARE IN HUMANITARIAN CONFLICTS Abortion Care in Humanitarian Conflict-Affected Settings: A Scoping ReviewPabalan, Camille; Fafard, Patrick; Lenard, Patti
2019Coal-Fired Power Plant's Air Quality Impact and Policy Implications - What Does the Ontario's Historical Data Tell Us ?Wang, Mengrou; Rivers, Nicholas
2019Canada: The Pacific Alliance and the search for its meaningSenilliani Melchior, Franco; Leblond, Patrick
2019Joined-up Governance of Agri-Food Systems in Canada: An Examination of Food Policy Councils as a Form of Joined-up GovernanceLa Forge, Sylvie; Massicotte, Marie-Josée
2019Post-conflict Programs: Why do barriers continue to exclude women from Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration?Boutet, Charles; Abrahamsen, Rita
2019Beyond the Wall:The balance between Israeli security concerns and possible Palestinian economic prosperityGolding, Jessica; Juneau, Thomas
2019Le Franc CFA, le néocolonialisme à l’épreuve du développementKebe, Mohamed Lamine; Georges, Patrick
2019Canada’s Extraterritorial Human Rights Obligations: What Canada must do to prevent human rights abuses by Canadian mining companies abroad? The case of Canadian mining activities in ColombiaGomez Altobelli, Agustina; Petrasek, David
2019Banking for the Unbanked: The Promises, Pitfalls and Potentials of Mobile BankingFiocco, Melissa; Ramisch, Joshua
2019The Securitization of Migration in Lebanon: Lebanese Securitization of Syrian Refugees since 2011Saraya, Reem; Musu, Costanza
2019Canola Disputes in Canada-China Agricultural Trade: A Chinese Policy PerspectiveWang, Zhiduo; Leblond, Patrick