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2018Understanding and Countering Russia's Information WarfarePryhara, Iryna; Arel, Dominique
2018Neo-realism: Dominant theory in the South China Sea disputesNguyen, Ky; Gheciu, Alexandra
2018The “Soft (and Smart) Power” of Influence: China’s New Diplomatic Rhetoric in the 21st CenturyCao, Annie Yuan; Breton, Gilles
2018Development Divided: Exploring the Meaning of Free, Prior and Informed. Consent by Indigenous Peoples in Resource Development.Stacey, Rose; Juillet, Luc
2018Narratives on Arrival: The Framing of the Syrian Refugee Crisis in Canadian Parliamentary DebatesLéger Guest, Xavier; Pendakur, Ravi
2018Evaluating the Discordant Trends of Political Divergence and Economic Convergence Across the Taiwan StraitDu, Juan; Zhang, Yongjing
2018The Arts and Culture Sector in Major Canadian Census Metropolitan Areas: Is its Workforce as Diverse as the Population it Serves?Nguyen, Anh Thi; Pendakur, Ravi
2018Anti-Terrorism Act, 2015: A History of Canadian security legislationMarquardt, Alexander; Vucetic, Srdjan
2018Taking Back Control: Can Brexit Deliver Regulatory Independence?Cock, Joseph; Leblond, Patrick
2018Le Partenariat Mondial contre les armes de destruction massive et matières connexes, la participation du Canada à travers son programme d’implémentation et les perspectives futures de ce partenariatAlauzet-Brouard, Jean-Philippe; Juneau, Thomas
2018Dropping F-Bombs: Canadian Feminist Foreign Policy from Harper to Trudeau and BeyondLaird, Rowan Alexandra; Trevenen, Kathryn
2018Bridging Western and Indigenous Knowledges: Two-Eyed Seeing and the Development of a Country Food Strategy in the Northwest TerritoriesMacRitchie, Sarah; Wesche, Sonia
2018“Law and Justice?” Understanding Poland’s asylum policy through the lens of EuropeanizationCzach, Caroline; Musu, Costanza
2018A Contemporary Examination of Canada as an ‘Honest Broker’ in the Israel-Palestine ConflictRiddell, Tasha Eve Sarah; Musu, Costanza
2018‘Brexit is what states make of it’: Brexit, Canada, and the diplomatic ties that bindReinhardt, Kate; Gheciu, Alexandra
2018La Responsabilité de protéger : analyse sur l’état du concept après le passage de la théorie à la pratiqueRuel St-Louis, Katheryne; Juneau, Thomas
2018La Russie et le monde islamique : le contexte culturel, les alliances politiques et les guerres géopolitiquesPetrosyan, Levon; Robinson, Paul
2018-01-17S’allier par Serment D’allégeance : Implications organisationnelles sur les Organisations ayant Prêté Allégeance à l’État-Islamique et Sécuritaire pour les Pays Hôtes.Lavoie-Guilini, Sacha; Juneau, Thomas
2018-01-17How effective are IAEA Safeguards? The case of Iran 2003-2006Young-Stewart, Justin Stephane; Wark, Wesley
2018-01-16Impact du Partenariat Public Privé (PPP) sur le développement économique du Sénégal Dans quelles mesures le PPP dans le secteur de la construction permet-il le développement économique du Sénégal ?Diop, Sokhna Assiatou; Leblond, Patrick