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11-Sep-2017Pivoting Away From Oil: A Sector Analysis of Nigeria’s Economy Aimed at Achieving Diversification and Inclusive GrowthOjei, Onyeka
11-Sep-2017La flexibilité des traités de gestion des eaux transfrontalières dans un contexte de changement climatiques: Une étude de cas du traité du fleuve ColumbiaLelièvre, Maxime
11-Sep-2017The Special Partnership: Considering U.S.-Saudi Relations Through the Alliance Politics LiteratureOmar, Mohammed
29-Aug-2017Le Partenariat Transpacifique : Quelles Nouvelles Voies vers la Renégociation de l’Accord de Libre Échange Nord-Américain ?Belrhiti Nejjar, Fatima Zohra
29-Aug-2017La migration internationale des citoyens qualifiés : La problématique de la fuite des cerveauxAbdi Mahamoud, Abokor
23-Aug-2017Gouvernance environnementale internationale de l’Arctique : Rôle du Conseil de l’Arctique dans la production du savoir sur le changement climatiqueAbildayeva, Yerke
23-Aug-2017Les ONG et le mariage des jeunes filles au Bangladesh : Étude des stratégies en place pour contrer cette pratique culturelleRégimbald, Caroline
18-Aug-2017Evaluating the Impact of Nigeria’s Fuel Subsidy RegimeBeedell, Estan
18-Aug-2017The Securization of Migration in France The shifting threat of migration: From a threat to culture to a source of terrorismSweet, Evan
16-Aug-2017(Wo)men in Terrorism: From Chechnya's Black Widows to the Women in the Islamic StateWaddell-Harris, Mackenzie
9-Aug-2017Old Stereotypes Die Hard? Public Perceptions and Political Outcomes of Perceived Immigrant CriminalityFarkas, Natalie
9-Aug-2017The Complexity of Cross-National Interactions on the North Korean IssueAkhtemova, Liliya
24-Apr-2017The Neutral Ally: Sweden and the Social Construction of Security IdentityParker, Joshua
24-Apr-2017UNSC Reform in a Post-Cold War Era: Eliminating the Power of VetoGranja, Aracelly Denise
19-Apr-2017Interventions to Assist the Disarmament, Demobilization, & Reintegration of Former Child Soldiers in Sub-Saharan Africa: A Systematic ReviewCampbell, Kirsten Emily Anne
19-Apr-2017A Made in Canada Strategy for Non-citizen VotingDesRosiers Ste Marie, Matthieu
10-Feb-2017Bridging Roles of Active Labor Market Programs and Vietnam Labor Market PoliciesVo, Thien-An
13-Apr-2017Return to China: Justin Trudeau’s China Policy. An analysis of Canada’s motivation in developing its relation with China from 2016 onwardLiu, Tianyi (Thomas)
13-Apr-2017Power and Water in Jordan and Israel: An Exploration of Hydro-Hegemony in the post-Peace Treaty EraJacobsen, Jens
2-Feb-2017The Silent Epidemic: Assessing Policy Equilibrium and Punctuation on the Issue of Sport-Related ConcussionsQuirion, Alex