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2019Supporting the settlement and integration of newcomers in the Northwest TerritoriesBrouwer, Nicole; Pendakur, Ravi
2019When is a degree not a degree? Wage differences associated with foreign credential recognition for Canadian immigrantsWilson, Clara; Pendakur, Ravi
2019La liberté de navigation et la mer de Chine méridionale : Tensions et érosions de l’hégémonie américaine en Asie du Sud-EstFournier, Antoine; Vucetic, Srdjan
2019Three Point Nine Percent Female: A Review of the Barriers to Increasing Female Troops Participation on United Nations Peace OperationsMorris, Connor; Paris, Roland
2019“Tweet and Retreat”? President Trump's Pakistan Aid FreezeRizvi, Syed Kazim; Vucetic, Srdjan
2019How Political Institutions Influence Development OutcomesAli Hashi, Mustafe; Brown, David
2019Third Party Intervention in Peace Agreements: Making or Keeping the Peace? Evaluating the Impact of Single-State Non-Military Intervention on the Outcomes for Long-Lasting Peace and Stability in Post-war StatesSylvester, Ella; Zuercher, Christoph
2019Do bilateral agreements help to improve the environmental behavior of Canadian firms in oil and mining producing countries: an investigation of Latin AmericaBonilla Macias, Diana Maria; Catherine, Liston-Heyes
2019The corruption of Legitimacy: How American and British Counterinsurgency Strategies Ignore Jus ad Bellum as the Foundation of Legitimate WarTokarczyk, Andre; Robinson, Paul
2019Developmental Neo-Patrimonialism?Nganou Ngasseu, Yvana Astride; Abrahamsen, Rita
2018Transitions from Rule-Taker to Rule-Maker? Asian Investment Regimes in Japan, China and KoreaAsif, Zunaira; Leblond, Patrick
2019A Research on the Cultural Industry Development and Cultural Exports of ChinaHou, Yuying; Zhang, Yongjing
2019A Woman’s Place is in the House (of Commons)Hanbidge, Helen; Fafard, Patrick
2018Investing in the Canadian Arctic: A Policy Proposal to Protect Canada’s de facto Sovereignty in the NorthCameron, Ian B.; Paul, Robinson
2018Canadian Women in ISIS: Deradicalization and Reintegration for ReturneesMirza, Rabiyah; Vucetic, Srdjan
2018Innovation for Job Creation: The Role of Innovative Financing to Address Youth Unemployment in the MENA RegionJeang, Daniel; Betcherman, Gordon
2018An unequal burden: Trends in prevalence and distribution of multimorbidity in CanadaMehta, Sofia; Fafard, Patrick
2018Border Network Analysis for International Relations: Lessons Learned at the US-Mexico BorderBecker, Jessica; Gheciu, Alexandra
2018WIR SCHAFFEN DAS? How Merkel’s Response to the Refugee Crisis Sparked a Divided EuropeStorozuk, Jordan; Gheciu, Alexandra
2018Les relations post-Brexit entre le Royaume-Uni et l’Union Européenne : la Suisse comme modèle ?Dubuis, Thomas; Leblond, Patrick